Moving is proud to introduce you the new task chair, FLEXA, designed and created by our studio AZ Creations, and completely manufactured in house.

Flexible, ergonomic, comfortable and at the same time ecological, FLEXA is suitable for any working environments thanks to its attractive colours and smart shape.

The Y shaped support is made of engineering polymer with high mechanic resistance while the backrest is made of high modulus copolymer polypropylene.

FLEXA complies with the standard guidelines of the EN regulations: DIN EN 1335-1/08.02, DIN EN 1335-2/01.10, DIN EN 1335-3/08.09, DIN 4550/12.04.

FLEXA is ecofriendly thanks to about 98% recyclability percentage.

The backrest is proposed in a wide range of colours: from black to the pastel ones.

Having better working days is possible.