Alia and elegance

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When looking for elegance, comfort and ease in a chair, you can not help thinking of Alia and its endless declinations. Since its inception, it has furnished meeting rooms and offices all over the world, providing maximum elegance combined with perfect practicality. The structure is made up of a steel tube monocoque where a support net is put on, the base can be made of aluminum, more operative, or iron more elegant. The mechanism that best suite it is the tilting, which locks the backrest in 5 positions with an anti-shock system, the seat is complete with its steel fixed armrests.

The chair consists of 4 families:

Alia In its basic version, whose feature is the many pillows to enrich it: flat, only seat, bands or extra padded.


Alia C, unique “C” bar, useful for taking and moving easily the seat, and commending the distinctive badge of the “Aluminium” by Eames.

Alia Top, with double “C” bar and double cushion, both in front and behind. This is the favorite seat in the Middle East countries for the richness and charm of luxury.

Alia Lounge, the extra-relax armchair is suitable for moments of conviviality in the executive offices.

To complete the collection, each family has its sled waiting version.