A wide range of products for your office, conference rooms, waiting rooms, and any professional use for your business with style. Moving is not only a producer of seats, but also professional sofas and tables, of design and quality as always made in Italy.

A brief presentation to learn about this collection:

AIDA, a chair with an “easy” look and lively, able to make the furniture alive and cheerful.
ARTURO, a large and linear sofa but also essential and elegant, made with quality materials that together harmonize the environment where it will be placed.
BOHÈME, a chair that, like the others of the Business Center, can be defined as multi-purpose, thanks to the particularity of perfectly furnishing different types of environments.
CARDINALE, a collection of seats that stands out for its soft profile despite the image of grandeur it transmits
CARMEN, a soft and enveloping seat, has an elegant profile characterized by clean and decisive lines
EDGAR, a table that contrasts a very strong and decisive side given by its square shape, on one side witty and “easy” made by lacquering that covers the interior in MDF
ELETTRA, an innovative unique seat, with an unmistakable design that mixes geometric elements with soft lines to create an elegant and original image.

GIUNONE, an elegant line of sofas that lends itself to waiting rooms, conferences and high-level offices
MODULO of Moving is the freedom to invent the furniture you prefer whenever you want. In the office as at home, a series of modular modules to create restful oases and relaxing corners in the shapes and colors that best meet every interior design need.
NABUCCO, a very robust type of table, with a particular and decisive design, capable of communicating elegance and grandeur at the same time
OTELLO, a table with sinuous and light lines, lively in character and shape, thanks to the lacquering that can be in various colors depending on the needs of furniture
TOSCA, a wraparound seat suitable for those who want to enjoy moments of relaxation in an “armchair”
ZAIRA, a sturdy and attractive seat, but which rediscovers a cheerful and “easy” side in the upholstery, which can be lacquered or upholstered in two ways, with the possibility of choosing between many modern and decisive colors.