Elegance, minimalism, decision

Top office, waiting, lounge

ALIA find his place in the Executive offices; The pure and minimalist lines, the sturdiness combined with lightness it conveys, make it suitable for modern, technological and professional spaces. It is equipped with a tilting mechanism; the optional chromed armrests, provide to Alia an even more sophisticated profile. The attention to Design and details make Alia a unique chair for prestige offices.


Alia Collections


Simple and elegant, Alia is the perfect seat to furnish professional offices and executive meeting rooms. The load-bearing mesh structure can be equipped with numerous types of seat and back cushions. The oscillating mechanism gives lightness and comfort thanks to the 5 locking positions of the backrest.

Alia C

The peculiarity of the “C” version is the shape of the traverse, which is useful for moving the chair easily, especially in the meeting rooms

Alia Top

What distinguishes the Alia Top version is the complete upholstery of the seat, upholstered and padded front and back. To make it even more sophisticated there is a double cross.

Alia Attesa

The perfect match for the swivel alia is its sledversion, in front of a desk for the visitor or in a meeting or conference room. It is available in the mesh version too, in the “C” version or entirely upholstered.

Alia Lounge

Mesh or entirely upholstered, this chair has no equal in the lounge world. Designed for relaxation and waiting, it is ideal in the VIP lounges of the airports, in the business lounges, in the relaxation area of the private offices.

Fine finishings

The black chrome available on request, gives the seat a more than unique connotation.

Columbia leather is a high quality flower with a smooth, matt appearance and a rich hand. It is dried under vacuum to ensure a firm finish and perfectly matches with all types of furnishings, classic and contemporary.



What completes Alia at best is its wide range of cushions, wide, extra padded or with bands, make the seat more comfortable and enrich it with a covering that furnishes. Do not miss the armrests, the backrest and the headrest for the version with the “C” traverse

Double traverse

Characteristic design element  of the Top version, the double traverse is placed below and above the monocoque.

Hole wheels

The hole wheel is the new 2018 entry  among the prestigious accessories Moving. It reflects the smooth, slim design of the seat and exalts it in lightness.

Choose your favourite version

Alia high backrest aluminium base

Alia “C” high backrest aluminium base

Alia Top metal chromed base

Alia lounge high backrest fully upholstered in Columbia leather

Alia waiting “C” version