Project Description



MDF lacquered top, th. 28mm, steel base.
80×80 cm / 130×130 cm

EDGAR, OTELLO and NABUCCO are tables with light and sinuous lines, with a strong design, capable of communicating elegance and grandeur at the same time. Coffee tables and bar tables, desk tables, meetings and conferences are many variants that these products offer thanks to the various heights of the legs and the size of the top.
The wooden surface and the steel heart leg give it a robust essence, and the almost soft touch lacquering makes them precious and modern.



28mm thk MDF top, 800x800mm or 1300x1300mm laquered finish


Steel cone Base, h.740 mm, lacquered finish.
Steel cone Base, h.1000 mm, lacquered finish.
Steel cone Base, h.320 mm, lacquered finish.
Steel double-cone Base, h.740 mm, lacquered finish.

Matt Laquering