A dynamic posture.

A dynamic posture. The seat and the back follow the movements of the user, ensuring proper support of the body during each activity, keeping the position more appropriate to the job.


The right use for an ergonomic chair let to the user to get various benefits as far as personal health and wellness are concerned. First of all, each user should:

  • adjust the height of the chair
  • the mechanism tension
  • the lumbar support

in order to have the best position for one’s physical characteristics. These easy adaptations help for a good posture in order to carry on your work as best day by day. Furthermore, by changing frequently your position or by standing up for a moment, prevent blood’s circulation problems.


MOVING S.r.l. in cooperation with the CATAS institute, widely acknowledged research and certification institute, and with the help of the esteemed cardiologist from Vicenza, Dr. Ennio De Dominicis, has started a research project regarding the effects of the use of ergonomic office seating on some pathologies that commonly affect employees (computer operator).

The design of an ergonomic seating requires a previous knowledge of human anatomical-physiological and psychological-cognitive characteristics, and of the kind of work performed using a specific kind of seating, and a thorough knowledge of the technology that can be used with the purpose of reaching the complete wellbeing of the user.

The purpose of the research is to demonstrate that, on equal terms, the proper use of an office seating that complies with the strictest ergonomics and safety requirements, can help in the improvement, and in some cases in the solution of some pathologies that affect the employees that everyday spend many hours sitting at their desks. Thanks to constant research and testing on technological innovation, MOVING can guarantee that its seating are certified as High Quality products, designed around the human being, for the human being and its working environment.